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Armada Corp. is a regional debt recovery firm with 65 years of leadership in the debt collection industry. The current officers of our company have over 40 years of combined experience in professional collections and employ more than 50 people to serve our clients. As member of the ACA International as well as local chambers of commerce and other professional organizations, we adher strictly to their codes of ethics.

California Medical Business Services, Inc. (CMBS)

California Medical Business Services, Inc. (CMBS) is a full service medical practice management firm. Billing and collections for hospital based groups represents our core business. We have been providing these services since 1977. The size and flexibility of our firm has afforded us the ability to rapidly and successfully respond to the many changes in the healthcare industry, especially in the past five years.

CMRE Financial Services

CMRE Financial Services is a company dedicated to helping healthcare organizations improve financial performance. Our roots go back to the mid 1970s when we began providing soft-core collections for doctors, hospitals and medical billing companies. Since that time, our service offerings have expanded to include insurance/workers’ comp follow-up/, managed care, self-pay A/R management outsourcing, training and other programs, but our focus has never faltered: To provide accounts receivable and related services to healthcare organizations with the highest level of integrity and customer service.

Hawes Financial Group

Through our family of companies, we offer a range of services including Collections, Patient Balance Financing, and Accounts Receivables Management.

The Hawes Financial Group provides a number of additional services for businesses including management, technology, finance, and marketing. With decades of experience, the Hawes Financial Group excels in giving companies the tools they need to expand and better help their customers.

I.C. System

After you collect billions of dollars over seven decades, you learn a thing or two about what works. In 2012, we created and delivered new and innovative ways our calls protect patient relationships while increasing the % of payers, average payment amount, and total $ collected. Our continuing focus on Positive Patient Experience works. In January, 2014, a healthcare system client sent us their monthly agency scorecard. Call Quality audits scored I.C. System at 9.8 average (on scale of 10) for past 3 months, while scoring the competitor agency at 8.5 past 3 months. Thus, we recover more $ faster, as well. Ask me how.

At I.C. System, we simply make sure you’ll work with an experienced, ethical, professional team of people. People who know how to take advantage of the most current technologies to help you collect more debt more often so you can add more to your bottom line. We can tailor a collection plan that fits right in with the way you like to work.

At the end of the day, you’ll see us as an innovative solutions provider with answers that are both in your best interest and your patients, not just a collection agency.

J & L teamworks

We specialize in medical receivables management exclusively and are regarded as an industry leader by Hospitals, Medical Groups, Clinics and Physicians.

In today’s climate of public awareness, it is imperative that your business associate represents you professionally, ethically and diplomatically. As a matter of policy, J&L represents all clients in a manner consistent with their philosophies, procedures, and organizational needs. To do that we must listen and get to know each client, and that we do.

Our client-oriented account management personnel and support staff have been carefully screened for proper attitudes and temperaments. Furthermore they are thoroughly trained and rigorously supervised to ensure compliance to the very unique and strict standards the health care industry demands. Additionally, written standard operating procedures have been established to ensure quality control and unwavering compliance with all state and federal regulations.

Professional Credit Service

What sets us apart from other collection agencies? At PCS we provide unmatched recovery while remaining wholly committed to protecting our clients; image in the eyes of their customers and the public. Our company values of professionalism, quality and integrity are central to how we conduct business. Our dedication to upholding these values means that we provide our clients with exceptional service while treating each consumer with dignity and respect. We continually strive to:

  • Provide our clients with the greatest return on their receivable assets.
  • Bring the highest level of integrity, professionalism and value to our clients.
  • Focus on education and training to support our staff and ensure quality.
  • Support our community and the community-based efforts of our staff and clients.

Rash Curtis

Founded in 1977, Rash Curtis is a strong presence in the Receivables Recovery Industry. Our President and CEO, Terry Paff draws on over 32 years experience in the collection business. Our competent and qualified personnel continuously strive to find solutions for today’s complex collection problems while maintaining sensitivity to our clients’ customer base.

Renton Collections, Inc.

Although we employ many cutting edge technologies and are constantly keeping up with innovation, we still rely on good old-fashioned customer service. In fact, we believe that our success is dependant upon providing excellent support for our clients. We understand the importance of collecting the greatest possible amount of dollars assigned, in the shortest period of time, but we place equal value on paying close attention to the needs of our clients and providing instant answers when questions may arise.

Renton Collections Inc. offers a wide variety of services custom designed to fit the individual clients needs.

Sequoia Financial Services

Sequoia Financial Services was established in 1991 based on the vision of a collection agency encompassing integrity and professionalism. Since then, Sequoia has been a business providing superior collection services on a national level to Uility, Government, Medical, Subrogation, Educational, and Retail entities.

Sequoia Financial Services complies with all State and Federal Consumer and Collection Practice Laws and takes action on all submitted accounts through ethical and lawful means.

TSI – Transworld Systems Inc.

TSI provides healthcare organizations with the tools to diplomatically manage their accounts receivable internally, at a fixed-fee cost that is lower than continued in-house efforts or giving up a percentage to an outside agency. Interfaced with most major medical billing software programs, we make it easy to identify the accounts that need to be worked and provide appropriate and consistent “touches”, referring patients back to the practice for payment.

TSI has been in business since 1970 and peer reviewed by HFMA since 2008. Contact us to see what over 20,000 clinics are currently utilizing to increase cash flow while reducing overhead.

USCB America

In addition to our comprehensive self-pay collection programs, USCB America provides a full range of insurance billing programs and eligibility services. Some of the services we offer to our Healthcare clients are listed below.

  • Customer Service Call Center/Extended Business Office Solutions
  • Access Unit Registration Support
  • Insurance Eligibility Verification/Confirmation and Update
  • Presumptive Charity Care Screening
  • Charity Care Eligibility and Notification
  • Self-Pay Data Mailer/Statement and Pre-Collection Letter Cycle Generation
  • Extended Self-pay Payment Plan handling and support
  • Resource Staffing Solutions
  • Self-Pay Bad Debt Collections
  • Workers Compensation and Third-Party Liability Lien Management
  • Credit Balance Resolution
  • Insurance/Government Billing/Follow-up and Denial Management
  • Underpayment/Denial Management analytics and follow-up work.
  • Medicare Cost Reporting
  • Audit and Compliance
  • Complete Revenue Cycle Management Programs
  • Customizable BPO Solutions

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