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Health Plan Cost Containment

Morgan Consulting Resources

Morgan Consulting Resources is exclusively focused on Healthcare and Life Sciences. Our core business is executive search; we also offer enhanced services to assist organizations in developing their talent and unique cost containment services to assist health plans in improving their ROI.

We are a certified women owned business working nationally that has been partnering with health plans, providers and supporting vendor services companies to bring top leadership talents to their organizations for over 15 years.

Moss Adams LLP

Across the nation, Moss Adams LLP provides assurance, tax, and consulting insight and expertise to public, private, and not-for-profit enterprises in a wide range of industries. We serve more than 2,000 clients across the health care continuum, from large health systems, hospitals, and long-term care organizations to clinics, medical groups, and physician practices. To discover how we can make a difference to your organization, visit www.mossadams.com/healthcare.

Name Phone Email
Brian Conner, CPA, Partner (209) 955-6114 brian.conner@mossadams.com
Will Norris, Partner (949) 623-4172 william.norris@mossadams.com
Chris Pritchard, CPA, Partner (415) 677-8262 chris.pritchard@mossadams.com
Amy Runge, CPA, Partner (415) 677-8264 amy.runge@mossadams.com
DeVon Wiens, CPA, Partner (949) 221-4060 devon.wiens@mossadams.com
Tony Andrade, CPA, Partner (503) 478-2287 tony.andrade@mossadams.com
Darci Boyle, CPA, Partner (503) 478-2306 darci.boyle@mossadams.com
Cheryl Storey, CPA, Partner (503) 478-2132 cheryl.storey@mossadams.com
Rob Grannum, CPA, Partner (425) 303-3003 robert.grannum@mossadams.com
Lori Laubach, CPA, Partner (253) 284-5256 lori.laubach@mossadams.com
Eric D. Nicholson, CPA, Partner (425) 303-3020 eric.nicholson@mossadams.com

The Warshauer Agency, Inc.

Our agency is a broker for all types of “Health Insurance Plans”. We work in both Washington and Oregon and have been servicing for all carriers for over 30 years. Our Agency is on the Forefront of “Obama Care / Health Care reform” We offer FREE individual consulting to qualify you for your Subsidy, Plan design and match you to the plans for services you will actually use.

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