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Medical Records Scanning

Coastal Business Services Group

Flexible Solutions

  • Coastal has a plan to fit every budget
  • Coastal’s generous terms help organizations to invest in digital technology
  • Let Coastal help you lower your carbon footprint

Coastal’s experts can assist you to determine true Return on Investment (ROI) by identifying the soft costs that are easy to miss.
We are headquartered in Lacey, Washington. However, we serve customers throughout the continental USA. Some of our customers are in Sacramento, Boise, and Chicago.

Many firms off-shore or send their business overseas. Coastal does not. We are obligated to protect your information, and we take that obligation seriously.

Spectrum Information Services NW, Inc.

Spectrum Information Services NW, Inc. is the Northwest’s leading provider of scanning services and solutions for automating medical practices and business operations.

Medical Records Scanning – Our HIPAA compliant scanning process is fast, accurate, and affordable. We also assist with EMR data conversions and can help you sunset systems that may have been part of an acquisition.

Medical Lockbox – Our medical lockbox accounts receivable solution typically saves practices $10,000 per year per provider by creating greater efficiency while virtually eliminating the possibility of fraud.

Release of Patient Information – Our medical records copying service automates the request and fulfillment process and can generate significant revenue within your practice. We also take over custodianship of patient records for doctors that are retiring or transitioning to employment.

General Document Conversion Services – Scanning of business records and mailroom solutions for automating workflow processes like Accounts Payable, Claims Processing, Loan Applications, etc.

Secure Messaging – Our HIPAA compliant solution integrates with Outlook or can be used through a web interface and is extremely simple for both the sender and recipient to use.

Secure Online Medical Records Portal – Our secure web portal makes it possible to digitize patient files and other records and have them accessible from any location with the proper security credentials.

Claims Processing – Automated processing of paper claims and pre-adjudication dramatically reduces costs and improves accuracy.

Contract Management – Converting paper contacts to a content management solution frees up office space, allows you to back up your contracts electronically, and provides tools to track and proactively manage contract renewals so that you have the opportunity to negotiate terms prior to automatic renewal.

Credentialing – SIS NW’s robust document management solution makes it easy to manage the credentialing process and instantly access records for providers. Workflows can be established to automate the re-credentialing process.

Accounts Payable Automation – Manually processing paper invoices typically costs organizations $10 – $25 per invoice. Our automated solutions can reduce that cost by 50 percent or more. How many invoices are you currently processing? How much could you save by reducing that cost by 50 percent? Contact us today for a free consultation.

Cloud Based Document Management – Our secure, easy to use solution allows you to have “one source of truth”, eliminating paper records and redundant copies of business information. There’s no capital expenditure required to get started and little (if any) IT support is required.

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