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CT Tech, Tacoma, WA



Tacoma, WA

June 7, 2018

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Position Title: CT Technologist
Reports To: Site Manager
Department Name: CT Dept. /Site
FLSA Code: Non- Exempt

To enjoy successful employment with TRA-MINW you must exhibit a strong work ethic and conduct yourself with honesty and integrity in all aspects of your position. Be able to conduct our business, keeping patients as our central focus. Stay familiar with and adhere to company Standards of Behavior and Code of Conduct Policy, while always being sensitive to confidentiality. Understand that accuracy, professionalism, thoroughness and compliance with specifications according to departmental and company expectations, are requirements of your position. Be aware and listen to the needs of the patient or customer, whether inside or outside the company and respond to those needs; use collaborative solutions in problem solving as appropriate; deliver work product and services in a way that reflects the company’s mission, vision, and values.

Job Summary:

This job is responsible for performing CT functions in accordance with ARRT standards and ethics. The CT Technologist complies with company policies and procedures to include regulatory changes and prescribed safety standards with the needs of the patient and physician in mind. CT Technologist performs duties under the general supervision of Site Manager and Radiologist.

Essential Job Functions:

  1. Prepares patients for CT exams with thorough explanations of the procedures and clear instructions.
  2. Obtains a thorough patient history as it related to the exam to be completed.
  3. Accurately implements the orders of the referring physician, producing images with minimum repeatability.
  4. Performs IV punctures.
  5. Performs necessary computer functions associated with patient exam. (PACS)
  6. Keeps work area and patient exam areas neat and stocked with appropriate supplies.
  7. Participates in orientation and in-service training for personnel.
  8. Be prepared to assist the radiologist in the completion of intricate CT examinations including a range of tissue biopsies and fluid drainages.
  9. Accurately compiles all patient information to include reconfirms patient identification and verifies the procedure requested; verifies the patient’s pregnancy status when appropriate; determines whether the patient has been appropriately prepared for the procedure and assesses factors that may contraindicate the procedure, such as medications, insufficient patient preparation or artifacts.
  10. Keeps area stocked with necessary materials to perform procedures without depleting supply.
  11. Coordinates hospital patient examinations by communicating with patient’s nurse about exam appointment time, medication, transportation, etc., without incident.
  12. Assists the Radiologist in reviewing the completed study as is applicable.
  13. Understands patient flow of the department, can perform patient scheduling when required, understands the functions of coding and charging of examinations, files examinations properly.
  14. Evaluates lab values, as applicable, prior to administering contrast media and beginning interventional procedures.
  15. Reviews the patient’s chart and physician’s request to determine optimal scanning parameters for suspected pathology. Verifies the patient consented to the procedure and fully understands its risks, benefits, alternatives and follow-up.
  16. Determines the appropriate type and dose of contrast agent to be administered based on the patient’s age, weight and medial/physical status. Explains precautions regarding administration of contrast agents to all patients and nursing mothers.
  17. Administers contrast agents as directed, monitors patient’s physical condition during the procedure, monitors patient for reaction to contrast material, and uses appropriate radiation safety devices.
  18. Performs Venipuncture at the request of the Radiologist.
  19. Follows and documents scan protocol and/or Radiologist prescription of parameters without error.
  20. Completes all documentation, paperwork, imaging and archiving necessary to maintain patient file without omissions. Documents how the patient tolerated the examination, contrast material and medication if administered. Reports to physician and documents, without failure, any negative effects the patient may have experienced.
  21. Able to travel to other sites.
  22. Check work e-mail daily.
  23. Maintain confidentiality of all center and patient information at all times, as required by facility policy and HIPAA guidelines.
  24. Follow the center exposure controls plan for blood borne and airborne pathogens.
  25. Perform all other related duties as assigned.


Education/Work Experience

  • HIV/AIDS course required, to have a State license.
  • ARRT Registry and CT certification within 1 year of hire date.
  • Venipuncture experience required.
  • Must have valid Washington State Radiologic Technologist Certification.
  • Current BLS certification required.

Job Knowledge/Skills

  • Provides patient care in accordance with the company’s mission, vison and values.
  • Demonstrates an understanding of human cross sectional anatomy, physiology, pathology, pharmacology and medical terminology.
  • Knowledge of how to use medical equipment and instruments to administer patient care.
  • Knowledge of common safety hazards and precautions to establish/maintain a safe work environment.
  • Uses professional and ethical judgment and critical thinking when performing duties.
  • Maintains high standards regarding the accurate recording of patient information.
  • Requires effective oral and written skills
  • Maintains a professional demeanor with confidentiality.
  • Is prompt and efficient with minimal absences.
  • Cooperates, maintains good rapport with co-workers, and ensures proper patient care and efficient workflow.
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks and carry out instructions effectively.
  • Ability to empathize with patients and effectively care for those with claustrophobia or any other unique situations.
  • Exercises sound judgment, has good time management skills.
  • Ability to demonstrate effective customer service skills, using AIDET/4 As.
  • Ability to work effectively in teamwork environment and have respectful behavior while working as a team with co-workers.
  • Communicate professionally with other medical facilities, patients, and customers.
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks and carry out instructions effectively.
  • Must possess excellent verbal communication skills and good organization skills.

Physical Requirements

Work is classified as moderate in physical requirements. Must be able to assist in supporting patients of varying weight. Ability to stand, walk or sit for extended periods of time. Reaching by extending hand(s) or arm(s) in any direction. Also requires manual dexterity sufficient to operate a keyboard, photocopier, telephone, calculator and other office equipment as necessary.

Mental Requirements

Work requires high attention to detail and the ability to handle mentally stressful situations. The ability to maintain high level of sensitivity towards confidential information is also required.

Working/Environmental Conditions

Work environment consists of normal office or administrative working conditions. There may be exposure to communicable diseases. There will be limited exposure to ionizing radiation.

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