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Facilities and Renovations Manager, Seattle, WA

Horizon House


Seattle, WA

August 8, 2018

To apply login to our website at www.horizonhouse.org, and click on the “Career” tab.
Current employees can apply through their PayNorthwest account under “Our Company” then “Search for Jobs”.
Pay: Highly Competitive

Requisition #53-2018

Title: Facilities/Renovations Manager
Dept: Facilities/Renovations
Supervisor. Chief Financial Officer
Effective Date: 8/1/2017; Rev 5/5/2018; Rev 7/24/2018
Status: Full Time
Grade 34: Exempt


The Facilities & Renovations Manager is responsible for leading both departments by providing a clear vision, defining outcomes, guiding processes and establishing and managing to best practices for each area. The Facilities & Renovations Manager will be responsible for the following:

  • Manage and guide the Chief Engineer to define, establish, prioritize and manage the Facilities department to industry standards for preventative and responsive maintenance of critical building functions of the campus, including water, electrical, lighting, cooking equipment, plumbing, HVAC, elevator, Fire & Life Safety systems.
  • Direct and supervise the work of the Renovations Project Managers to define, prioritize, schedule and manage the apartment renovations, refurbishments and special projects, including; working with marketing to establish build-out standards, schedules and expectations.
  • Identify, develop and manage key performance metrics that help control costs and optimize revenue.
  • Ensure that Renovations Project Managers develop and maintain strong resident and contractor relationships for successful quality, on-time and on-budget project completions.
  • Define the priorities and focus for the Facilities and Renovations departments.
  • Ensure that Facilities and Renovations departments are meeting proper standards and building and agency and fire codes for all projects and maintenance.
  • Provide excellent customer service to residents and department staff.
  • Oversee contractor bids and assignments.
  • Directly and indirectly ensure that contractors are staying in scope, on time and on budget.
  • Prepare and manage project and departmental budgets.
  • Work closely with Marketing to coordinate resident build-out requirements.
  • Work closely with the Facilities department to mutually support each other.

The ideal candidate will have substantive and hands on background in project management, construction, facilities management and a demonstrated ability to provide direction and leadership to staff. The ideal candidate will have a strong appreciation for the unique environment of “living with the customer” and will have the necessary interpersonal skills, patience and demeanor to work with members of an aging population

Essential Job Duties:

  1. Work closely with Chief Engineer and manage Project Managers to establish goals, objectives and metrics consistent with Horizon House objectives and help to define, scope and budget projects.
  2. Identify, schedule and manage apartment build-outs and other building improvement projects on time and on budget.
  3. Evaluate critical building functions and required preventative maintenance schedules to ensure best practices and to ensure effective execution.
  4. Ensure that all permits and approvals are obtained and adhered to in a timely manner to ensure on time project completion.
  5. In coordination with Renovations Project Managers and Marketing, define material and finish standards and acceptable degrees of variance from standards. Solicit, accept and manage contractor bids to Horizon House standards.
  6. Ensure scopes of work are being completed as planned, budgeted and in accordance with standard practice following appropriate city, state and federal regulations.
  7. Provide leadership and professional development to Facilities and Renovations.
  8. Develop, and guide manager’s project status reports, budgets, KPI’s and variance reports, to inform management of progress.
  9. Evaluate new methods, tools and supplies and make recommendations to increase productivity, quality and cost.
  10. Ensure proper use of credit cards, purchase orders, requisitions, equipment, parts, tools, and other property as it pertains to the projects department.
  11. Review invoices for approval.

Secondary Job Duties:

  1. Respond to emergencies and resident elopement as part of the Renovations and Facilities Teams.

Job Requirements:

  1. Must be able to effectively communicate in written and verbal English.
  2. Demonstrated effective management and leadership skills.
  3. Ability to be flexible with a variety of scheduling, planning and constructions revisions.
  4. Requires working knowledge of the hazards and accident prevention when working with mechanical and electrical equipment.
  5. Able to exercise independent judgment and work well under pressure.
  6. Requires ability to interact appropriately with elderly residents, staff, vendors and contractors.
  7. Fluency with productivity tools including but not limited to Microsoft suite of products, project management software and other productivity tools.

Confidentiality Requirements:

Employee accesses, uses and/or discloses Protected Health Information, as defined by HIPAA, only to the extent minimally necessary to accomplish essential job functions. Employee practices appropriate safeguards to prevent unauthorized access, use and/or disclosure of PHR (paper, electronic and oral) within his/her work area.

Experience/Knowledge/Education/Specialized Training Required:

  1. High School diploma or GED equivalent required. AA degree or equivalent college or trade school in residential construction certification strongly preferred.
  2. A minimum of (5) years of experience in all aspects of facilities management and prefer familiarity with residential construction.
  3. Ability to read and interpret basic architectural blue prints.
  4. Strong proven track record in managing staff and maintaining building systems including but not limited to water pressure, steam, elevator, lighting , fire control, refrigeration, electrical and emergency systems.
  5. Develop and manage preventative maintenance schedules, manage and prioritize system repairs.
  6. Full knowledge of City fire and building codes.
  7. Ability to understand and implement code requirements.
  8. Provide leadership, training and technical advice to junior staff.
  9. Ability to draw, sketch or otherwise communicate design specifications for review and approval by residents, contractors, and staff.

Material/Equipment Directly Used:

Two-way radio and/or pager/cell phone carried during working hours, personal computer, delivery vehicles, hand trucks, carts, dollies, calculator, copier, fax machine, and printers.

Physical & Environmental Requirements:

  1. Overall, physical demands on this job are classified as Medium.
  2. Duties are performed in a standing and walking position, on a variety of work surfaces, as well as, in a seated position for up to 2 hours without a break.
  3. Lifting is ordinarily up to the 25-pound range with intermittent lifting to 50 pounds. May also be lifting more than 50 pounds using appropriate manual handling equipment.
  4. Bending, twisting, kneeling and squatting, depending on specific work assignment.
  5. Frequent handling, grasping and reaching.
  6. Work environment is in Horizon House’s commons areas, apartments, Supported Living, and maintenance shop with possible hazardous work environment due to equipment failure, electric shock, and heavy lifting.
  7. May be exposed to weather elements of heat and cold for brief periods of time.
  8. May be exposed to cleaning solutions, dust, vapors, and some blood borne pathogens.
  9. May be exposed to paint, paint thinner, wallpaper paste, carpet glues or other similar construction chemicals.
  10. Tasks and procedures performed are not at risk for blood-borne pathogens.

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